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Commercial roofs are an integral protective envelope for any industrial building. Commercial roofing in the Chicago area is not only a layer of exterior, but also a strategic investment in the long-term reliability and aesthetic appearance of the building. But it’s worth making a choice among a large number of reliable commercial roofing companies near me. This is a key step in ensuring the sustainability and safety of your premises. Find out what services are offered and how they can help provide your business with a reliable, protective roof.

Commercial Roofing Chicago – What Does Commercial Roofing Mean?

Commercial and residential roofs have many differences. Commercial and industrial roofs in most cases have a slight slope or are flat. In addition, their area is much larger than that of ordinary residential roofs. These features make any Chicago roofing more prone to leaks and other problems. That’s why commercial roofs need regular maintenance and repairs.


Our commercial roofing expert near me can help you determine the type of roof that is best for your business, as well as install, repair, or replace it.

What Type of Roof is Most Commonly Found on Commercial Buildings Why?

Nowadays, there are quite a few types of commercial roofs. But most often, flat roofs are chosen for commercial buildings. This type of roof has a pitch of less than 10 degrees, which makes it more affordable compared to other types of roofs. It is because of this popularity that this type of commercial roof is sometimes called “national roofing”. And it’s true, flat roofs can be found all over Chicago.


Here’s why:

  • Flat roofs are cheaper to install and maintain because their simple design requires fewer materials and labor.
  • Solar panels, air conditioners, ventilation systems, and other devices can be placed on a flat roof, making it more functional.

So it is for these reasons that commercial building owners most often choose flat roofs. It is practical, economical and functional.

What Material are Commercial Roofs Made of?

The single-ply roof system is a new word in industrial roofing. Flexible, durable membranes made of TPO, PVC, or EPDM are used in the manufacture of such industrial roofing. They are laid in a single layer.


Due to its simple design, a single-ply roof can be installed much faster than multi-layer systems. Also, due to its lightness, such a roof reduces the load on the building structure.


Membranes for single-ply roofs are resistant to weathering, cracking, peeling, and UV radiation. In addition, sheet metal is used in single-ply roofing systems for the manufacture of parts. These are usually aprons, caps, gutters, and other elements.

Why are Commercial Roofs So Expensive?

Why is Commercial Roofing Important?

Commercial metal roofs reliably protect buildings from the elements, but over time they can become damaged. Cracks and crevices can allow air to penetrate. This in turn worsens the thermal performance of the premises. To prevent this, it’s important to conduct regular commercial roof service. This helps to identify and repair any damage in time. Thus, the existing commercial roofing system will continue to effectively perform its main function – to protect the interior from external influences and ensure comfort and safety inside the building.

Commercial Roofing Services in Chicagoland IL

Well, commercial roofing specialties include many different roofing services in Chicago. Sooner or later, any roof needs professional intervention from commercial roofing contractors. Let’s take a look at what roofing services are available:

ILRoofers guarantees quality workmanship and execution of all roofing works. So contact us and get the best services for the best price!

When Do You Need to Hire a Commercial Roofing Contractor?

Leaks, damage, and other roofing issues can lead to significant losses if not addressed in a timely manner. But what to do in this case? The only right thing to do is to hire an experienced commercial roofing contractor. Professional commercial roofers will help you assess your commercial and industrial roofing needs and offer the best commercial roofing solutions.

Here are some signs that it’s time to hire commercial roofing technicians:

So if you have any of these concerns, questions, or want to get the best roofing in Chicago, don’t hesitate to call us. ILRoofers will come to the rescue quickly and resolve any issues with your commercial roof!


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